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Ship Your Luggage Ahead of Travel!

Written by Charles Greenburg

More travelers are shipping their bags these days to make their trips easier and to save money.

There are several luggage delivery companies that can streamline the grueling travel process, including LugLess.

“LugLess has definitely seen an increase in travelers wanting to streamline their trips and breeze through airports without hauling their luggage,” says Aaron Kirley, President and Co-Founder of LugLess.

How it works: You book your luggage shipment on LugLess.com in much the same way you’d book a flight. You detail where you’re headed and the dates you’d like your luggage to make its trip, and specify where you’ll be staying. You are then shown the best prices across LugLess’ carrier partners, including UPS and FedEx, and receive the shipping labels directly to your email or phone. You choose to either drop off your bags locally or have them picked up at your door. Your luggage travels to your destination.

“Shipping luggage is safe and reliable,” says Kirley. “Still, there are some things to avoid shipping, like medication. Something simple like a delayed flight could leave you without those medications, so it’s not worth the risk. The same goes for various forms of ID or your trip itinerary, which should always stay on your person or in a carry-on during trips.”

Most hotels and resorts are equipped to accept luggage being shipped, and most do so without an extra fee. However, it’s always a good idea to call ahead and confirm this prior to booking a luggage shipment, as some hotels may charge a small handling fee.

LugLess has a starting price of $20 to ship a bag domestically. “Our partnerships with carriers like UPS and FedEx allow us to provide the best rates for travelers who want to ship their bags,” he says. “Most trips won’t cost you any more than an airline would charge for a checked bag, and in some cases, it actually costs less to ship luggage than let the airlines handle it.”

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