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Sell In May and Go Away: 70s Style Catastrophe – Stagflation and Record Drawdown Global Fixed

Written by Jack Hanney, CEO of Patriot Gold Group

Patriot Gold Group “Stagflation Protection No Fee For Life IRA”

“For decades, the idea that you should sell in May has been an important part of stock market folklore. Of course, investing should not be that easy, but the odd thing is that, compared with other rules, this one has held up rather well over history.” – Forbes Soaring consumer prices, supply chain shocks, rising energy costs and a hawkish Federal Reserve determined to bring inflation under control: these are the worrisome attributes of the U.S. economy that have some experts sounding the alarm over a possible return to 1970s-style “stagflation.”

Stagflation is the combination of economic stagnation and high inflation, characterized by soaring consumer prices as well as high unemployment.
Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers wrote, “The Fed’s current policy trajectory is likely to lead to stagflation, with average unemployment and inflation both averaging over 5 percent over the next few years — and ultimately to a major recession.”

Another major consequence is the global bond market that has suffered unprecedented losses as The Fed tightens policy to combat surging inflation. This is a major blow to money managers accustomed to years of consistent gains, backstopped by loose monetary policy. The slump also poses a particular threat to the expanding elderly population in many major economies, given retirees are often heavily reliant on fixed-income investments.

The retreat in both fixed-income and stock markets in 2022 is upending the dynamics of a classic 60/40 portfolio that is meant to balance out any losses from riskier share markets with the more stable cash flow of bonds.

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