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Safety Tips for Pool Fun With Our Pups This Summer

In summer most of our dogs love to play in the water to have fun and cool down.
If your dog loves playing in the kiddie pool or with a hose, be aware that in our climate kiddie pools can heat up to dangerous temperatures if left too long, and hoses that have not been used in a while will initially run HOT water that can scald your dog. So be aware and feel the water before exposing your dog.

Swimming in a pool is great summer exercise for our dogs. It strengthens their muscles, hearts and lungs without putting pressure on their hip and back joints.
Swimming is a great way for dogs to burn off energy in the summer. The resistance of water makes your dog have to work harder to swim than walking or running on land.

When teaching a dog to swim in a pool, ALWAYS show them where the exit is and how to get out on their own. It is a good idea to have them wear a doggy life jacket while in or around a pool. Never throw a dog in a pool. Introduce them to it slowly, at their pace with you. Never leave your dog unsupervised by any water. If your dog shows fear, don’t push it. Let them enjoy the a/c instead. After a swim, bathe your dog to protect their skin and coat from pool chemicals.

Have fun safely playing in the water with your pup this summer!
Article by Mara Brown – Master Dog Behaviorist. To learn more or improve your relationship with your dog call Mara Brown at 310-467-2334.



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