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Rm Coffee & Pastries

RM Coffee is a welcoming, locally-owned coffee shop in the Valley. Philippe Morlot,
the owner of RM Coffee and a fellow desert resident, has had many successful business ventures including owning French Corner Café for 12 years. When Philippe decided to open a new coffee shop, RM Coffee became a reality in May of 2021. RM Coffee provides an inviting atmosphere like no other; filled with the delicious aroma of freshly ground coffee and savory baked pastries made exclusively from RM Coffee team recipes.

Their diversified menu includes speciality hot coffees, lattes, teas and refreshing icy-cold drinks such as iced tea, lemonade and frozen flavoured drinks from strawberry to caramel for the hottest days! Their abundant selection of flavorful pastries includes pear-almond Danish, pecan pie, apricot-almond tart, and croissants ranging from sweet options like chocolate to savory selections such as ham and cheese. With so many choices, each time you walk into RM Coffee it will be a fresh and uplifting experience trying their speciality drinks and homemade pastries crafted with the upmost quality and care in-store.

With its crisp and clean atmosphere, RM Coffee provides an easy-going experience, making it the ideal place to relax, to catch up with friends, or even the perfect destination to answer your afternoon emails.

To top it off, Philippe has decorated with tastefully selected, gorgeous retro-cinema style art and photographs; be sure to check it out! So, make RM Coffee your new coffee and pastry destination, open daily from 6:30am-3:30pm. Like and support their Facebook page: facebook.com/rmcoffee111



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