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Reverse Mortgage Loan

Reverse mortgage loans are not what they used to be; they are much better now. A new reverse mortgage loan with Steve Davidson at Financial Solutions Home Loans could be the optimal retirement strategy you need for a less stressful and worry-free retirement.

With a reverse mortgage, you can make payments if you want to, but you do not have to. A reverse mortgage is a unique loan that allows homeowners 62 years or older to draw on the value of their home, and which is paid out in a variety of ways.
You can pay off your existing mortgage, so you will not have to make any more monthly mortgage payments. You can take a lump sum at closing, and/or you can have a line of credit loan that will actually grow over time, so you have more funds available to access in future years.

With a reverse mortgage from Financial Solutions Home Loans, we can help you to:
Pay off your current loan, have no monthly mortgage payment and improve your cash flow, supplement your retirement income with tax-free funds, pay for home improvements or buy a new home, cover medical or in-home care expenses, set up a standby line of credit to access whenever you may need it, refinance your existing reverse loan and lower your interest rate and receive additional cash, help to separate the equity of your home in the event of a divorce, or take a trip of a lifetime.
Financial Solutions Home Loans also offers jumbo reverse loans up to $4-million and the minimum age is lowered to 55 years young. This loan is available on both
purchases and refinances.

With a new reverse loan you still own your home, and you will never owe more than your home is worth. Any equity remaining when you move out is paid to you or your heirs. If you owe more than the home is worth, there is no recourse or liability to you or your estate. You are responsible for paying your property taxes and insurance, plus upkeep on the house.

Steve Davidson lives full time in the Coachella Valley, has over 35 years’ experience in the mortgage business and has closed over $2 billion in home loans. When you call Steve, you will not talk to an out-of-state call center, but directly to Steve Davidson, and he will personally help and guide you on every step of the loan process.
Visit www.Reverse4You.com for more information. For a free evaluation to see if a Reverse Mortgage loan is right for you, please call Steve Davidson today at
760-980-7779, or email St***@re*********.com.



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