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Pro’s Virtual Memorial Wall

Written by Jo Rosen, President and Founder

When I first started Parkinson’s Resource Organization (PRO) in 1990, I thought we’d have a cure for Parkinson’s within five years. I figured I’d get the word out and close up shop within seven years for a long retirement, with my husband returned to health and by my side.

Well, thirty-two years later I’m still working so no one is isolated because of Parkinson’s – and in 2007 my beloved Alan joined my mother (also diagnosed with Parkinson’s) and other angels. Alan lives in my heart, in my memories and on the Parkinson’s Resource Organization’s Memorial Wall. 

Over the years, we at PRO have been asked to create a special place to honor loved ones who battled Parkinson’s. Our response is the Memorial Wall – a VIRTUAL place to honor the rich legacies of those we have already lost and a means of demonstrating to the world the high human cost of this under-attended neurological disorder. The Wall gives families a virtual place to grieve and heal, gain solace, and share sentiments and remembrance of a loved one for others to see. 

The Memorial Wall also creates a repository for family, friends and business associates to make donations in memory of the departed person – a compassionate means to honor and carry on their legacy through support of the emotional and educational resources Parkinson’s Resource Organization continues to provide for those living with Parkinson’s and their caregivers. 

I invite you to take some time to explore the myriad of faces of our beautiful community, slow down and reflect. Visit www.parkinsonsresource.org/MemorialWall and follow Parkinson’s Resource Organization on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates and education. Do you have a loved one we should include on our Memorial Wall? Email their name and information to:



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