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Pet-Tography: Capturing a photo you’ll cherish

Betty Burfeindt has turned a hobby into a career: Pet-Tography and Framing During
her 17 successful years on the LPGA golf tour with 5 wins plus a major, Betty carried
both a golf bag and a camera, taking pictures of places all around the country. After
retiring, she started teaching golf at the Springs and, for fun, photographing her two
adopted cats. Someone at the club saw her photos as well as her custom framing. Betty said, “Word spread that I did this so I felt I could turn this hobby into a business.

For the past 37 years I have been teaching golf and in my spare time I travel to homes for pet pictures and custom framing. She continued, “I don’t find this tedious work at all. I truly love doing it.” One of Betty’s clients said she is no different than a baby photographer sometimes it may be difficult, but she will prevail. “During the shoot I will continue to take pictures until the client is happy, however long it takes.

I am as passionate about animals as I was about playing professional golf.” Nancy Carlson, a veterinarian in the valley, commented that Betty’s biggest talent – and she doesn’t sing her praises without reason – is how she really captures the spirit of each animal. Book your pet’s session today with Betty to capture a photo of your pet that you will cherish! Call 760-328-2303.



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