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Permanent Inflation and Lost Decade Ahead

Written by Jack Hanney, CEO of Patriot Gold Group

When the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund warns, “Elevated inflation levels will lead to years of low returns in the stock market,” and Blackstone, the world’s largest asset manager, said, “The coming years could be a lost decade for equity returns,” investors are reconsidering their traditional 60/40 portfolios. Blackstone goes on to warn investors, “All of that will be economic headwinds for companies … so I think you can have disappointing long-term earnings growth with multiples coming in a little bit, and I can see anemic equity returns over the next five to 10 years.”

Inflation 40 Year High Despite The Fed’s Aggressive Rate Hikes, Blackstone Warns “Lost Decade” Ahead for Stock Market, Investors Flock To Safe Haven Gold
Seal Beach, CA 11/1/2022

As the stock market saw its worst first half of year since 1970, Carl Icahn warns, “The worst is yet to come, inflation is a terrible thing, you can’t cure it.” JP Morgan stated that, “As fast as the Federal Reserve raised interest rates in 2022, they could do the exact opposite in 2023 and cut rates.”

Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank are all warning that U.S. stocks could sink another 25%! Morgan Stanley stated, “We do not think the bear market is over if our earnings forecasts are correct.” Deutsche Bank was even more pessimistic, “In the event we slide into a recession, the sell-off has much further to go.”

“That hurricane is right out there down the road coming our way,” the JPMorgan Chase & Co. chief executive officer Jamie Dimon said at a conference, “You better brace yourself.” Jamie Dimon warned investors to prepare for an economic “hurricane” as the economy struggles against an unprecedented combination of challenges.

The question to ask yourself is, “Do you really see things getting better or worse?” Real estate prices are cooling, the housing market is slowing down, gas prices and grocery prices continue to skyrocket, and making matters much worse the S & P has already shed over $8.2 trillion dollars in 2022 alone!

Blackstone, the world’s largest asset manager warns, “Higher taxes, increase in operating costs, less efficient supply chains and ‘deglobalization’ will hurt productivity and the coming years could be a ‘lost decade’ for equity returns as companies struggle to grow their earnings.”

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