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Ozel Fine Jewelers

Written by James Jaycobson

How do I write a 250 word editorial about my family business without being biased? I will attempt to do so, but no promises. My father, Joe Jaycobson, opened Ozel Jewelers of Palm Desert in 1992 as a 28-year-old, but actually began working in the industry at 12 years old in the Istanbul Grand Bazaar. Six years later, in 1984, my papa left Istanbul and emigrated stateside. I will be 28 this year, so as I reflect on my past and prepare for my future I think of fond memories in my papa’s shop.

Many wonderful people came and went but we will never forget the moments together and the happiness we brought to the thousands of people we have made beautiful jewelry for. I love that I have the opportunity to work with my father and craft beautiful fine jewelry. We like to keep things intimate but informal in our shop because buying jewelry should not be a high-pressure situation. A fresh pot of Turkish coffee, brewed over the jewelry torch of course, is customary before any negotiations take place, especially because tough bargaining requires strong coffee.

Before I run out of space, I should mention we specialize in repurposing old jewelry into beautiful pieces you’ll love and wear. My name is James and I hope this article finds you in good health but either way I hope you visit me and Papa Joe, even if just for coffee. And won’t you look at that, 250 words. Not bad.

Visit their location at 73375 El Paseo Suite M, Palm Desert, CA 92260 or call them at 760-773-5522.



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