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NMB Info Tech Tip: Copy and Pasting

Written by Nick Alimohammadi, Your I.T. Genie and Founder/Owner of Nick’s Backups ‘n’ More.

I love Sudoku. Do you love Sudoku? Approaching a Sudoku puzzle has one similarity to how I approach repairing a computer. What may seem like the obvious solution often requires more time and thought than the initial analysis. This is what I love about computer repair. I’m able to help you get back to your life and – in a way – solve a puzzle to get you there! One thing you might find puzzling is how to move things around on your computer. I don’t mean icons; no, today we are going to learn how to use hotkeys to Cut and Paste.

Hotkeys are buttons that you press on the keyboard and that make your fingers fly so fast you could win a round of League of Legends in a heartbeat. (Look that up if it piques your interest.) Moving on, here is today’s lesson:

Copy and Paste with Hot Keys:

Ever want to move things on your computer with just a few clicks? Here’s how! (This is for right-handed setup. Sorry lefties, word count limitations!)

  1. Select a section of a website, text, file, photo, or
    even a shortcut on your desktop.
    a. Selection Methods:
    i. Left-click once on what you want to copy.
    ii. Left-click and keep your finger down to select multiple items.
    iii. Double left-click or triple left-click to select a line or paragraph.
    iv. Press the Control button and C button at the
    same time. [Ctrl] + [C]
  2. Open a new folder, document, or go to your desktop and press the Control button and the V button at the same time [Ctrl] + [V]
    In Short, do this: (both right and left-handed setup)
    Select what you want to copy. Press [Ctrl] + [C]. Open the new location. Press [Ctrl] +[V].

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