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Meet the New Owner of Affordable Cabinets & Closets

Brendan Hardy lives to create. He is driven by listening to someone’s ideas and transforming their space into a beautiful, expertly crafted and functional reality! So, naturally, the opportunity to acquire and expand “Affordable Cabinets and Closets” was a great match.

“Jim Bath [previous owner for 30+ years] did amazing work with this company, and I am so fortunate to continue the legacy he built! He did a great job and he established and fostered a great crew,” says Brendan.

As the new owner, Brendan knows he has big shoes to fill. Not only is Brendan hands-on and passionate about his craftsmanship, but he has the perfect balance of business management backed by an educational background including a Master’s Degree. Brendan recognizes that the most important aspect of any business is the customers, so he strives to turn their dream renovations into exciting realities. “I want to make them happy; I understand the importance of word-of-mouth, so I let my work speak for itself!” Brendan exclaims.

In assuming ownership of the company from the respected Jim Bath, Brendan is pleased to be able to maintain the same stellar services offered by the former owner as well as expand that list. Affordable Cabinets and Closets now offers custom granite countertops, tile installation, and full kitchen and bathroom renovations… it has never been easier to complete those reno projects from beginning to end! Need plumbing and electrical work? That is now part of the expansion service offered by Affordable
Cabinets and Closets!

Call new owner Brendan Hardy at 760-347-3333 and find out how easy your dream renovation project can be!



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