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Meet Bettelou Robinson

Bettelou Robinson has been showing off her artistic side at SCSH for the past fifteen years, but her interest in all things creative goes far back.
While raising her kids, she collected artwork, pursuing a lifelong interest in art and all things creative. During her first marriage, she started painting flowers and mountains on glass jars and bottles. “I just started. I didn’t care what it would look like – it was art,” she says.
Her art began to sell in galleries, and her abstract work was popular. From there, she began to flourish and expand. Her artistic and creative pursuits include sewing; designing and making cowboy hats and purses; crochet; knitting; painting on canvas, tiles, and jars; jewellery-making; painting murals – and so much more!
“People describe me as eccentric. I get so far into weird stuff,” Bettelou says. Her main artistic inspirations are Jiang, Neal Doty, Leroy Neiman, and Chris Lewis.
Bettelou loves being part of the SCSH community, and would love to see others get in touch with their creativity. “People insist they can’t paint or aren’t artistic, but just give it a shot. It boosts your spirits!”



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