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Lucille Ball Says “Ricky, I Gotta be Cute”

“Putt more FUN in your game!” By Golf Basics

Coach Tom Lynott

We all remember “I Love Lucy” and the crazy, funny things she said and did. But one thing she always insisted on was to look cute and sassy while she made us laugh.
I realize that many gals can’t really have fun unless they also look good! The beauty of playing golf is that your choice of attire is wide open to many great choices. I particularly like funny hats and funny, cute shoes. There may be some “course rules” governing the length of skirts and shorts and other garments but these days the rules are pretty flexible unless you’re playing at Big Horn or a similar club.

Golf hats are especially open to cool and/or funny treatment. I have designed several great hats on the Vista-Print website and it’s very easy to do, selecting from dozens of design templates and putting your own titles and colors into the design. You can also create shirts, flags and all kinds of golf-oriented gadgets on their website.
Another way to be cute and be in the “fun group” is to bring your own music. I have a cart with 4 speakers and stereo sound from a built-in radio, but you can bring or buy Bluetooth speakers and pair them with your cell phone to play those favorite tunes from your playlist or Pandora, etc.

When I first started bringing music to the golf course, most of the other players thought I was “way out of bounds.” That was a few years ago. Now I find many other “Fun” golfers bringing music with them in their carts and even on their bags. Music keeps you loose and in a relaxed mood which is crucial to making good golf swings.

Have FUN! P.S. When you’re ready to Putt more FUN in your game, give me a call!
Tom Lynott, Golf Basics Coach Call: 619-955-0633



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