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Life as a Music Man: Featured Resident, Dan Regiembal

From humble beginnings banging on pots and pans, to drumming with the likes of Ricky Nelson and Chuck Berry.

An old wooden radio played, loudly echoing the latest songs throughout the house. In front of it sat a four-year-old child, tapping to the beat. That child was Dan Regeimbal, and althoug.h he did not know it at the time, this early experience with great music would lead him into a successful career in the music industry and a lifelong passion for the art.

From early days tapping in front of that radio, Dan quickly progressed to a home-made drum set consisting of pots and pans eagerly collected from his mother’s cupboards. After two more years of impromptu playing, Dan finally received his first real instrument for Christmas – a brand new bongo.

After winning his middle school talent contest at ten years old, Dan progressed to his first official drum set, and practiced every day for three hours – from 3-6pm.

“My mom was a saint. For about four to five years I would get home from school and practice drums. I played every single day. My- mom would put ear-plugs in and ask friends/family not to call her between 3-6pm.”

Dan fondly recalls his mother’s unwavering support. Despite the noise, he says: “She never told me to stop playing!” Dan would go on to master additional instruments including the guitar and banjo.

After thousands of hours of practice Dan was quickly becoming a percussion powerhouse, and by his teenage years was playing in Washington State night clubs with the band “Phil G and the Wanderers”. Dan was so young that he was not allowed to drink and had to wait outside the venues on breaks and before and after gigs. But his love for the art grew stronger, and after graduating High School he formed a band called “The Chosen Few”, playing covers at more clubs and entertaining at weddings.

When Dan decided to pursue music professionally, he set out to travel the country playing as a contract musician alongside greats such as Ricky Nelson, Chuck Berry, Joe Cocker and Hank Williams Jr., among others. He even jammed with The Beach Boys!

“For me it’s about fun and providing the stimulus to create a great time for people” he says, noting that beyond its fun exterior, music is a very serious business. Strict contracts, grueling pressure and a demanding schedule were accompanied by fun nights in places like Las Vegas and New Orleans.

Throughout his journey, Dan was accompanied by his wife Paula, and their family life began to flourish. They lived in a motor home so that his family was always close by no matter where his passion took them. His two daughters had incredible experiences travelling at a young age, before the family returned to Washington State to settle down and allow the children to be in school with other kids.

Now retired and living in Sun City Shadow Hills, Dan plays guitar with a new group aptly named “The Shadows Band”. He has teamed up with Matt Felix, Chuck Eversole, Richard Scales and Jay Rockbank to form a five-piece musical experience playing in many public spaces around California, as well as night clubs in Palm Springs.

The Shadows Band’s biggest hit is a tribute to Dan’s other passion: pickleball, which they played in front of fans at the National Pickleball Tournament in 2019. The song “Gimmie Some Pickleball” is now available on their album “Just for Fun!”, and you can find it now on YouTube .



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