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Letting Go Of Stress: Spend Time Just Being

In the modern day, there is constant pressure to do more, see more, and be more. But sometimes, you need to realize that it is time to let go of stress. And instead of packing every minute of your life full of activity, it’s okay to spend a little time just being.

Take a Deep Breath
People often forget the simple power of taking a deep breath. Even if your schedule is packed full, and you think you don’t have time to take a relaxation break just to be you, there is almost always time in your day for a deep breath (or two).

Spend Time in Nature
This could mean simply sitting in your backyard. This will help you to relieve stress and let go of thoughts which may be bothering you. You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel once you’re in nature.

Try To Laugh
Laughter is one of the best medicines there is. It can help reduce stress, pain and discomfort, and increase creativity.

Re-Evaluate Your Schedule
Prioritize the items on your list, then get rid of the activities you care about least. Although this may be tough, if you can’t find a way to lower your stress levels you will quickly reach burnout; then it won’t matter whether you’ve had time for yourself or not.

Just Say ‘No’
As hard as it is, you need to learn to say no. Aim to say “No” more than you say “Yes.”

Shannon Shea is the founding
executive director of Elder Love USA, Inc.
Visit her non-profit thrift store at
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