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Let’s Stop & Smell the Flowers this Spring

But watch out… just like humans, dogs can suffer from allergies this time of year. Is your pup licking their paws constantly, scratching themselves more than usual, or sneezing? Do you see red or scabbed skin? Do they have itchy or runny eyes? These things could mean that your dog is suffering from seasonal allergies.

Recognizing these symptoms and understanding how to treat allergies in your dog will help to ensure their comfort this allergy season. It’s always a good idea to take your dog to the vet if you notice your dog suffering from any of these symptoms. There are many good medications that your vet can prescribe to treat the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

If your dog is displaying mild allergy symptoms, Benadryl is a good at-home medication to use. Also, if your dog gets a bee or insect bite and is displaying mild symptoms, Benadryl can help. But, always consult with your veterinarian for their opinion before giving your dog a human medication, and ask for the appropriate dosage for your dog’s size and weight. Keep in mind that Benadryl may cause drowsiness in your dog. If your dog is displaying moderate to severe symptoms from a bee or insect bite, they may be having an allergic reaction. Rush them to the vet immediately.

Have fun this spring! Smell the flowers! Roll in the grass! Enjoy the outdoors! But be aware of the potential signs of discomfort in your pup and know what to do.

Wishing you and your furry family members a beautiful & glorious spring!
Written by: Mara Brown – Master Dog Behaviorist
For more information reach out to Mara Brown, at 310-467-2334 or LifeCoachingForDogs.com



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