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Keeping Your Dog Safe and Happy this Halloween

Written by Mara Brown

Happy October and Happy Halloween!

Here are 3 tips to ensure that you and your pup have a safe and happy Halloween:

  1. Some dogs love to wear costumes. If your dog enjoys wearing fun costumes, be sure that they can see (nothing is obstructing their line of vision), and that they have enough room to move freely. If your dog does not like to wear a costume, please respect that. Otherwise your dog will be miserable and will put on the brakes.
  2. Do not use retractable leashes. Keep your dog close to you so you can keep a close eye on them. There are a LOT of yummy treats that kids drop on Halloween, and those treats may be toxic to your dog. And dogs are FAST…they will pick something up and put it in their mouths faster than you can say “vet bill.” So please keep your dogs on a short leash very close to you, so you can monitor her behavior and keep her from ingesting things that could harm them.
  3. If you are giving out candy, be aware of where your dog is. It is easy and tempting for your dog to dash out the door between trick or treaters’ legs. If your dog has a propensity for door dashing, you may want to have them with another family member in another room, not near the door, or keep your dog on a long leash (not retractable, just long), so your dog feels that they are “free” but you have control and can reel them in if they try to get out and make a run for it.

Enjoy the cooler weather of fall and have a safe and happy Halloween this month! For more tips, call Mara Brown at 310-467-2334.



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