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Is Your Garage Door Safe?

The largest and most used door in your home is often neglected. Keeping your vehicles, valuables, pets and loved ones safe is accomplished by maintaining your door.

Teach your kids about garage door safety

While there are many benefits to a functioning garage door, it is important that your kids or grandchildren know the garage door is not something to play with. Keep them safe by demonstrating how your garage door works – let them safely observe, operate, and ask questions about the device while under your supervision, and explain safety-enhancing features like auto reversal – the infrared beam across the bottom of your garage door that detects obstructions and reverses the door’s movement. Your garage door is heavy (often between 130-600 lbs). With so much weight moving up and down every day, it is important that children understand the danger and that the garage area is a place to be careful and not a place to play. They should never climb, try to ride the door up or attempt to race under it while it is closing.

The springs on your garage door are the main thing that keeps the door easy to move, offsetting the extreme weight of the door. Make sure your kids know not to touch or tamper with the garage door components.

Recognize when your garage door might need repair or replacement

A well balanced and maintained garage door adds safety and reliability to the lives of you and your family and you will want to keep it that way! There are a few things to be on the lookout for which may indicate your garage door could use some loving care:

If you experience problems opening or closing your garage door – it irregularly responds to commands or moves awkwardly or jarringly – you could have a faulty garage door opener, broken springs, or a myriad of other issues.

Your garage door might shake while opening or closing instead of moving smoothly and steadily. This indicates that it may have broken parts, needs adjustments or lubrication.

A well-functioning garage door should operate relatively quietly. If your garage door wakes the neighbors something is not right. Most likely this is caused by bad rollers or lack of lubrication.

No matter what the issue with your garage door, you will want to address it immediately.

It is not safe to repair a garage door yourself – find an expert

Don’t put yourself and others at risk by attempting a DIY repair job. The torsion springs on garage doors hold a high amount of tension. During repairs these springs can unload with explosive force causing severe injury.
Garage door systems are composed of many parts that all work together. They can cause undue stress on the door and break if installed incorrectly.

Have Garage Door Medics on your side

If your garage door could use some attention, call Garage Door Medics at 888-997-2423 or check them out on the web at www.gdmedics.com. Each member of the hhGarage Door Medics team is devoted to providing your home or business with the best garage door service experience. Across southern California they have groups of dedicated individuals. No matter your location, contact Garage Door Medics so they can set up your service appointment at a time convenient to you! They strictly adhere to their motto; “We only recommend what you need”.



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