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Is CVRP the Right Fit for Your Business?

Written By Kathy Rappaport, Chief Creative Officer,
Flash Frozen Photography, Inc.

One of the best ways to market a small business is one-to-one with other small business owners. This gives you the opportunity to meet like-minded business people who may have a similar client base to cross refer your own clients, friends and relatives. In time, you get to “know, like and trust” those other business owners with whom you come in contact. Eventually you look for mutually beneficial relationships for your “Referral Partners.”

While many organizations can provide this ability to develop synergy with others, finding the right fit for a business group can be a challenge. Most groups have a “personality,” and it may take time to find your “tribe.” One of the choices I have made is to become a member of Coachella Valley Referral Partners (CVRP).

Not only do we seek out fellow members to refer to us, but WE are the sales team for the small businesses that are members — it is a two-way street!

With the events of the last few years, many have been meeting people solely via Zoom, and have lost the in-person connectivity to make a successful networking partnership. CVRP meets in person and also by Zoom, so we have the best of both worlds. I personally like to meet in person because I find it creates a bond with my fellow business friends. When I need an Attorney, a Printer, a Mortgage Broker, or a Personal Coach, I have someone to whom I can confidently send my contacts and that I know will take great care of them.

If you want to check us out, reach us at www.cvreferralpartners.org, or call our Secretary Paul Cain at (760) 275-2974. We meet in person at the IHOP in Palm Springs at Ramon and Indian Canyon from 7:10 – 8:10 am on Thursdays.



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