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In the BBQ Realm, it’s Better to Pay for Quality One Time!

There are circumstances where a very inexpensive grill has its place. If you grill one or two times per month, we believe that a DIY store will be able to provide the correct product to you inexpensively. There is no reason to shop for quality because with such low use, the cheap grill will actually last for years, and we always encourage our clients to do the right thing for their particular situation. It won’t have high quality or performance, but at one or two times per month it doesn’t need to and will be a perfect fit.

For the rest of us that grill weekly, quality is very important because nobody wants to be replacing grills every few years, and you want to enjoy the grill when using it. Our mantra has always been ‘performance, longevity & value,’ and we’re not changing it anytime soon. Cooking weekly also increases the number of times the BBQ expands and contracts, which eventually causes failure with lesser grills.

All Valley Backyard is now in its 22nd year, in our permanent home in Palm Desert, and we specialize in providing our clients with high-quality products that have a proven track record. Offering BBQs, islands, heaters, fireplaces, fire pits, fire logs, hot tubs, etc., we offer most lifestyle products for the outdoors – and indoors! We’ve learned a thing or two in the past, so brands that constantly fail are removed from our showroom. This helps keep clients happy and allows us to focus on what really matters: the enjoyment of the outdoor and indoor fire experience. Steve and Ellie Berliner started the business in 2000 and their business model still lives on!
What sets us apart from EVERYBODY else is that we have a dedicated service department that is actually older than our company!

Pride Piper Service & Repair started in 1978 and is very much a part of the parent company. We also have a sister store on Highway 111 (Desert Fireplaces & BBQ’s) which primarily focuses on fireplaces (est. 1982). And we have a third location in Orange County, California, called Orange County Backyard (est. 2016). Having multiple locations gives us strength in ordering and also allows us to keep stock of many different products.

We’re #1 In Outdoor Fun!! Come on in and say hello!

All Valley Backyard, 77734 Country Club Drive, Suite D, Palm Desert, CA 92211. Call 760-342-5277, email av*****@gm***.com or visit



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