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How to Avoid Dementia

Written by Joseph E. Scherger, MD MPH
Medical Director, Restore Health Disease Reversal

According to UCLA research neurologist Dale Bredesen, 50% of Americans have dementia by age 85. Most of that is caused more by the standard American diet (SAD) than genetics. In his groundbreaking book, The End of Alzheimer’s (2017), Dr. Bredesen describes the three common causes of dementia:

High blood sugar.  While the brain uses glucose for energy, higher than normal blood glucose causes the brain to shrink, known as brain atrophy. Because of our high carbohydrate diet of grains, sweets and excess alcohol, 85% of Americans have an elevated fasting blood sugar over 100. That doubles the risk of dementia and type 2 diabetes quadruples the risk of dementia.  A low carbohydrate diet with time restricted eating to 8-12 hours daily results in healthy blood sugar levels.
Inflammation. Besides high blood sugar also causing inflammation, inflammatory proteins in food such as gluten in wheat lead to chronic inflammation.  The most inflammatory foods are grains, cow’s milk, processed vegetable oils and trans fats. Chronic infections such as Lyme disease or chronic mold exposure also lead to chronic inflammation. If your inflammatory markers (CRP and homocysteine) are high, work with your doctor to find the cause and treat it.

Toxins. Dr. Bredesen estimates that about 10% of dementia is due to toxins such as mercury in fish or arsenic in water.

Ask your doctor to do comprehensive lab tests to look for all three of these causes. Meanwhile keep your brain active with the executive functions for a busy life rather than let your brain go passive.

Dementia, whether from Alzheimer’s disease or a vascular problem, is preventable and may even be reversible.

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