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Home Health – Check Your Floors!

Is your grimy tile and grout driving you crazy?

If you feel like you’ve tried everything from professional services to getting down on your own hands and knees with a toothbrush and your floors still aren’t clean, don’t suffer the dirt or indignity anymore! Don’t settle for average floor cleaning services and subpar workmanship; call the caring experts at Anthony’s Cleaning and Restoration and see the positive difference yourself! Are you also fed up with your dirty carpet?

Beyond the aesthetics of freshly clean floors, the primary health benefit that comes with having your carpets professionally cleaned by Anthony’s Cleaning and Restoration is the removal of built-up pollutants. Carpet fibres have the ability to harbor dirt, dust and chemicals for long periods of time and those same pollutants can cause a variety of allergy and respiratory problems. Simply vacuuming is not enough. Having your carpets professionally cleaned the right way will make all the difference. Plus, regular carpet cleaning will also extend
the life of your flooring investment.

The expertise and experience of Anthony’s Cleaning and Restoration is the key difference.

Anthony’s Cleaning and Restoration goes far beyond surface-level deep to provide a deep clean by Anthony or one of his skilled technicians. Anthony Peraza, the owner of Anthony’s Cleaning and Restoration, truly goes over and beyond to be able to provide all his clients with a full clean. Anthony is certified as a Damage Restoration Technician, Certified Mold Professional, Certified Mold Technician, Applied Microbial Remediation Technician, and has earned the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. He also took his Health and Safety Training to check all the boxes! Anthony and his team all understand the importance of a clean home.
Beyond floor cleanliness, clean floors make a significant and positive difference in your indoor air quality. Contaminants can penetrate deep into carpets and make it difficult for some homeowners or house guests to breathe. People suffering from asthma or allergies will notice a big difference in how comfortably they can breathe after having their carpets cleaned professionally the right way.

Anthony’s Cleaning and Restoration cares about all of their clients, which is why many of their current customers continue to choose them over and over again! Having your carpets professionally cleaned by Anthony’s Cleaning and Restoration ensures that your carpets are spotless, clean, safe and healthy!

Contact Anthony’s Cleaning and Restoration today by email an************@ya***.com or call 760-333-0019. All you have to lose is the dirt!



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