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Happy Paw-Lentine’s DAY

Written by Mara Brown — Master Dog Behaviorist

This month is dedicated to LOVE, so shower your pup with extra attention, affection, walks and play! They love you deeply and really want to be the best dog(s) they can be. But sometimes, despite their best efforts and intentions, our pups need a little guidance.

Your dog may want to warn you (loudly and persistently) when the mailman or gardener arrives, or they may be so excited to see friends arrive that they jump all over them. Or, perhaps your dog pulls on the leash when taking You for a walk. Sometimes their behavior is confusing or troubling.

Your dog never intends to be a bad dog, and is just doing what comes naturally. To understand your dog better, give them a special gift this Valentine’s Day… a Doggy Life Coach! As my Valentine’s Day gift to you, this month I am offering a FREE phone consultation.

Visit my website www.LifeCoachingForDogs.com and fill out the Client Form. Your dog will thank you!

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