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Happy Paw-lentine’s Day!

Written by: Mara Brown – Master Dog Behaviorist

On this day dedicated to LOVE, take a moment to shower your pup with extra attention, affection, treats, walks and play! They love you unconditionally and really want to be the best dog(s) they can be. Sometimes, however, despite their best efforts and intentions, our pups need a little guidance.

Your dog may want to warn you when the mailman, gardener, or neighbor arrives, that SOMEONE IS THERE!! They warn you LOUDLY over and over again, and may need a little help to stop. Or they may be so excited to see friends coming over that they jump all over them to let them know how happy they are to see them. Or, perhaps your dog pulls on the leash when taking you for a walk to be sure there are no threats out there. Or sometimes their behavior is just confusing or troubling.
Because your dog never intends to be a bad dog, and is just doing what comes naturally, you may want to give them a special gift this Valentine’s Day…the gift of a Doggy Life Coach. Help your dog put his best paw forward, and show you her love in an appropriate way that doesn’t drive you crazy! Master Dog Behaviorist Mara Brown will help you to understand your dog better (and get added insights into yourself!). Love your dog enough to help them be their best canine selves. Hire your dog (and yourself) the best Dog Coach around. You will have a happier and more harmonious home.

An Important TIP: As you enjoy all your human chocolate treats this Valentine’s Day, please remember that chocolate is toxic to dogs, so be mindful to not let your pup share your delicious chocolate treats. They can be quite sneaky about snagging that tempting chocolate that they see you enjoying so much. Instead, there are many faux chocolate treats available wherever you like to shop for your pup.

In closing, as my Valentine’s Day gift to you I am offering a FREE consultation.
Just go to my website: and fill out the client form.

Your dog will thank you! Wishing you and your pack a paw-sitively wonderful Valentine’s day filled with love, treats, fun, belly-rubs and play!



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