Happy New Year

Written By Mara Brown, Master Dog Behaviorist

Happy 2023!! With a new year comes new beginnings, new hope… and New Year’s resolutions! Help your dog keep their new New Year’s resolution to be a very good dog this year! Whether their resolution is to stop jumping on people, peeing in the house, pulling on the leash, barking, dashing out the door, or not coming when called, you can help them keep their vow to be their best doggy selves this year by being a very good doggy parent.

All these behavioral problems can be fixed with a little help from a Master Dog Behaviorist. Help your dog put their best paw forward this year by:

  1. Exercising their minds and bodies regularly.
  2. Interacting with them in a calm, confident manner.
  3. Always being present with your dog when it is outside.
    (Coyotes can jump 6 – 8 feet walls.)
  4. Hiring the best doggy coach to help them achieve their
    (and your) goals for good canine behavior.

BJ and I wish you and your dog a happy and healthy 2023!! Happy New Year!

If your New Years resolution for you and your dog is to take your training to the next level, call: Mara Brown, Master Dog Behaviorist, by phone at 310-467-2334 or visit her site: LifeCoachingForDogs.com



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