Happy Holidays!

This month is full of joy! Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Chanukah or any other holiday, BJ and I wish you a very happy, healthy and pawsitive holiday season!
Your dog will feel the excitement in the air and will want to join in the fun and celebration. To ensure a safe holiday season for your dog here are my five top tips:
If you are having a party, it is best to have your dog have their own vacation at a doggy hotel or at a pet sitter’s home. That way wayward treats (that can be toxic to your dog) won’t end up in their mouths, and guests coming and going won’t be a temptation for your dog to dash out the door.

Be aware of decorations that your dog can get into. Don’t have any wires/lighting/tinsel/ornaments etc. where your dog can get at them.

Teach your dog manners before people come over for holiday cheer. You don’t want your dog jumping, barking, snarling or peeing when your guests are over. (Or at all!)
If you are putting a holiday outfit on your dog, be sure they can see and move freely. If your dog doesn’t like being dressed up, don’t force it. Otherwise your dog will be miserable.

Have fun and be merry! In this season of giving, you may want to consider donating your time or money to your local pet shelter or adoption rescue group. Be grateful for your dog and lend a helping paw to those dogs (and cats) that are not lucky enough to have their own forever home yet.

Happy Holidays!!
With Love, Mara Brown & BJ Master Dog Behaviorist
For more tips and info call Mara Brown at (310) 467-2334
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