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Happy Fall, Dog Lovers

With a new season comes new beginnings and new promise. And after not being able to go on long walks during the day, or to the dog park at realistic hours, our pups are eager to get out and play.

As the weather gets a little cooler, take your dog for regular walks. All dogs enjoy a walk with their humans; it is a bonding and primal activity to do together. Walk your dog for a minimum of a half hour in the morning and half hour in the evening. Bonus points if you also go for a half hour walk mid-day. If the weather is still too hot, walk in a large store. If your dog makes your walks miserable by pulling your arm out or barking at other dogs or people, that can be fixed.

As we jump into Fall, remember to microchip your dog and also have your phone number on a tag or collar that your dog wears. Be sure all the information is up to date. In case the unthinkable happens and your dog runs away or gets lost, having these forms of identification will help to ensure a happy reunion. Bolting out the door can be stopped, and a reliable “come” command can be taught.

If your Fall wish is that Fido will stop pulling on the leash, or jumping on people, or peeing in the house, or being aggressive with dogs or people, or suffering from separation anxiety, I can assure you that all these behavioral issues can be fixed.

Help your pup put their best paw forward this Fall!
Article by Mara Brown – Master Dog Behaviorist. To learn more or improve your relationship with your dog call Mara Brown
at 310-467-2334.



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