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Golfing for the Homeless

On Monday, March 14th at the Monterey Country Club Keller Williams is holding a golf tournament supporting the homeless in the Coachella Valley. This golf event will raise money and awareness for the StreetLifeProject.

On the streets of the Coachella Valley, under bridges and in camps, there are people living a different life than most. They have come on hard times for a multitude of reasons and no two stories are the same. But thanks to the dedication of the Street Life Project, this population of the Coachella Valley has a chance to move forward in their lives with hope, friendship and faith.

They distribute food, clothing, toiletries and supplies to around 300 homeless every week in the areas of Coachella, Indio and Palm Springs. But Street Life Project goes further; they provide life coaching and spiritual guidance to the ones that they help, even providing transportation to Sunday church services. Many of those in need find it difficult to get back on their feet due to a lack of simple resources. It is difficult to find a job in today’s job market without being able to look presentable, and without having a resume. That’s where Street Life Project comes in. They help those who are ready to move forward in any way that they can. Volunteer’s help with writing resumes, job searches and even provide transportation to job interviews. For those who need assistance in drug rehabilitation, Street Life Project helps them to get into a program and after completion into transitional housing, so they don’t go back on the street, before helping them find employment. After they get a job and start to make an income, Street Life Project will assist them in finding permanent housing. Street Life Project is with them from start to finish.

Christian Jelmberg, the founder of StreetLifeProject, is quick to say that the homeless stereotype is not reality. Although there are some who suffer from drug addiction, there are more that are just in need of a second chance that have come upon difficult times, people just like you and me.

The beauty of Street Life Project is that those who have received assistance to get off the street, in turn help others do the same. “It’s a ripple effect,” explains Jelmberg.

His goals for the Street Life Project are ambitious, including acquiring a facility to accommodate those in need. He wants to expand the organization in a way that it can be replicated in other cities across the state and country. He is building a model from A to Z so that other like-minded individuals can grow his vision of the Street Life Project.

The organization is always looking for more volunteers, as they are the heart of Street Life Project, as well as donations which include food, clothing and financial contributions. They are in need of people with special skills as well as those who just want to help. They are looking for volunteers in the areas of Outreach Services, Guidance Services, Health & Beauty, Transportation, Marketing/Media and Fundraising.

Street Life Project is moving at lightning speed, gaining recognition and support from local communities and beyond. Their progressive message of hope, friendship and faith is changing the lives of not only those who gain from their assistance, but for those who are giving it.

-Written By Denise Ortuno Neil

Golf Charity Event

Support the StreetLifeProject as you enjoy a day of golf, dinner and a silent auction.

Monday, March 14th at Monterey Country Club. Event will sell out so Pre-Register by calling 760-702-4944.

For more information on how to donate and volunteer visit



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