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Get Organized and Live Your Best Life

Written by Teri Jo Wheeler

We all tend to have an area of clutter in our home – a chaotic closet, outdated pantry items, an overflowing spare room or storage unit, paper piles and over-stuffed files, or an inbox with 1,000s of unread emails. It is an area we avoid or feel angst around. Our outer environment is a reflection of our inner world. Is your space reflecting the peace, health, flow and inspiration you desire? If not, it may be time to declutter and tidy up.

  • Doing this can bring forward wonderful benefits, including:
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • More flow for joy and abundance
  • Ease in being able to find what you need
  • Greater clarity, vision and creativity with ideas
  • Space and time for projects and people you love

It is important to be mindful of what lives with us. Too often, our spaces are filled with things we do not like or use. This happens over time with emotional buying, receiving gifts, finding great deals, and collecting. We also change, as do our interests and endeavors. Fall is a great time to review our surroundings, and let go of excess.
To decide if something belongs in your home, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the item useful? Will I use it at some time during the year?
  • Do I have multiples of this item? Are they necessary?
  • Does the item bring me joy or enhance my life?
  • Does the item have a place where it lives?

Start with one area or room. Touch each item and ask the questions. If it’s a keeper, put it where it goes. If it is time to let it go, give thanks and donate, trash or sell it. Start with the easiest area of your home and build momentum to get to every cluttered area. 

Living in a clear and orderly home brings greater physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. You deserve this! To get started on your organization journey contact Teri Jo Wheeler at 310-907-6846 and visit 



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