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Gaming: Play Smart

Written By Bette King, Bette King Productions

Welcome to the world of gaming. Years ago it was referred to as gambling but with all the new technology and interaction, now the term is gaming. Gaming changes your mental state and many people who suffer from depression have reported it helps them settle into a quiet state. The most important thing is to always be aware of your finances and your financial condition.

  1. Gaming can be fun/challenging/interesting/restful, but most important is learning to play smart so you can feel good about the outcome. Being a winner comes in many forms including bringing home the bacon, getting your investment back, and having a good play. Even if you lose your investment, having a good play affords you a fun time for a social outing.
  2. As a long-time player and being very observant, I have some smart tips to share with you that help me be on the plus side of my gaming experience. I hope you enjoy these tips that have led to me having many winning experiences.
  3. Machines that are played heavily are best for paying.
  4. There are many denominations to select and with each comes another choice on how much to invest. Play at what you feel comfortable and if it isn’t showing anything, up your bet, find a denomination it is paying at and play there. Change as many times as necessary.
  5. An end machine or one that faces a door where people come and go is a good choice as casinos like to show people winning.
  6. The biggest revenue comes from the bonus games so when you come to a bank of the same machines and wonder which one, look for the one that has one or two bonus symbols on the screen. When three symbols appears this brings the bonus game.
  7. Don’t worry about a machine paying out a bonus. Many machines will keep paying out in a cycle.
  8. Take your time, just as you would when shopping for fine jewelry. Check out many machines before deciding which ones to play.
  9. While not all machines have this displayed, where there is an amount listed above the machine, on some machines the jackpot amount may have a gold glitter effect going on. This lets you know, if you are observant, it is about to pay the big one. China Shores and Myan Chief have this feature.
  10. A lucky little tip: if you are getting ready to leave and have a small ticket, don’t cash it out. Instead pay it forward. This has proven to be a lucky gesture for I always believe if you give, you get.
  11. There are no little people upstairs turning your machine off from paying. Casinos are in business to make money just like you and remember it’s not always about the win. Having fun, meeting and making new friends and getting to know the staff at the casino helps to make gaming a wonderful experience.
  12. My final tip for this month is don’t cash out your tickets often. Take a new bill out of your pocket and collect many tickets; at the end of the evening you could have a stack of tickets that equal a Big Win.

In closing remember to relax, be courteous, have fun and learn how to PLAY SMART. If you want to be included in one of my plays and Fun Trips to the casino, contact me at 760-905-0898 and mention the Rancho Mirage Insider!



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