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From Ballerina, To Opera Great, to Jazz Sensation, To Vegas’ Newest Diva!

Rose Kingsley is an Opera great turned Jazz phenom. She’s transformed her career many times, and each new passion has ignited a new sense of adventure and continued success. This Sun City Shadow Hills Resident’s career in Blues and Jazz only started eight years ago – a testament that it is never too late to start something new – but Rose’s stage life has been a life-long endeavor from Ballet to Opera and more! Rose’s latest performance, “A Tribute To The Great American Songbook” is booked for a full year in Las Vegas and her upcoming show is on July 16, 2021.

Saying Rose Kingsley was born a star is an understatement. When Rose was only 3 years old, her mother entered the living room and was in awe to find little Rose already expressing herself through dancing and babbling tunes. Her mother instantly saw Rose’s potential as a performer, and encouraged her path by enrolling her in dance classes for youngsters. By the age of 14 Rose had progressed into a talented ballerina, and her passion was rewarded with an incredible ballet scholarship with American Ballet Theatre, NYC.

Rose graced crowds nation and worldwide with her agility on stage. In the meantime, she fell in love with the art of Opera, and was accepted into Juilliard School of music in New York. “I saw freedom in singing,” recalls Rose fondly. Opera would take her on further journeys around the globe and almost becoming the first artist to ever fly into space, training in Houston’s NASA center before the Challenger tragedy abruptly ended the space agency’s program to put civilians in space.

Rose’s Opera career continued to flourish as she performed for three Presidents and countless celebrities such as the Royal Family in London. She also performed with icons such as Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra and sang at famous venues such as the Metropolitan Opera, New York Grand Opera, Carnegie Hall and Birdland Jazz. Rose was dubbed by New York Music Critics as ”the female Sinatra”.

When Rose moved to California in 2000, she decided to share her talent with other aspiring artists and began teaching. She opened the International Opera Institute, as the Artistic Director and Founder, she taught many students who went on to successful careers in Broadway. “I have always been an over-achiever and I would tell my students ‘If you can dream it, you can do it!’”

Just eight years ago, Rose was singing in a crowded bar, and among the crowd she met her future husband and manager, Norm Miller. Rose captivated him with her unparalleled talents and her Jazz career began. Rose’s “A Diva’s Tribute to Johnny Mercer” album was recorded at the famed Capitol Records in Hollywood was the next step in her adventure. It is an incredible encore to her other work such as her first CD “This is my Life” earning 5 star reviews from Associated Press! Even Rose herself is awed by all the twists and turns her life has taken and now, as Rose enthusiastically proclaims: “IT’S VEGAS, BABY!”

This incredible Diva has made her mark throughout her life. Her latest adventure brings her to the Las Vegas stage in July, performing her epic “A Tribute To The Great American Songbook”.

Listen to Rose on Siriusly Sinatra on Sirius Radio XM, Spotify, Pandora (where she hosts her own radio show!), Apple Music, CD Baby & Google! To get tickets to her Las Vegas show, visit RoseKingsley.com and share in the latest performance that makes Rose an inspiration to Sun City!



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