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Fever Helps Your Body Fight Infection

Written by Dr. Joseph E. Scherger, MD MPH
Medical Director, Restore Health Disease Reversal

Our body has responses that help it fight off an infection. The cough keeps the airways clear so bronchitis does not become pneumonia. A sneeze clears the nasal passages so a cold does not become a sinus infection. Research shows that fever helps to mobilize the white blood cells in order to fight an infection.

Somehow we think that treating the symptoms of an infection is the right thing to do. While there are plenty of medications available to treat symptoms, in general we are better off not using drugs. Child care physicians are working hard to stop parents from aggressively treating every fever. Extremely high fevers, such as 106 Fahrenheit for a sustained period, might cause some injury to the brain, as happens with some tropical infections. Common fevers are harmless and are helpful, so avoid attacking them with drugs. As Voltaire said, the role of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.

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