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Featured Residents: Mia & Tom Lynott

How community engagement spreads joy

A community connection is something every person needs. This connection can come from a strong family connection, a supportive friends group, or simply reaching out to neighbors. Each time people build positive social connections, inevitably joy and a sense of belonging are simultaneously and serendipitously created.

Tom and Mia Lynott, residents of Sun City Shadow Hills, are experts on the power of connecting with neighbors. Mia is a certified ICF Life Coach for twenty plus years, an educator, and an author. Tom is a lifelong entrepreneur, a Business & Golf Coach, and a contributor to Sun City Insider’s Golf Tips. Together, Tom and Mia shared their experience of neighbors connecting with some truly joyous stories and offered their insight into the joy created from these big and small acts of kindness.

“We have heroes among us, neighbors helping neighbors. Good old fashioned generosity,” Mia exclaimed.

“One awesome Sun City Shadow Hills couple rescued a beloved 12 year old Rottweiler that was comforting a neighbor and friend who is now residing in a local Hospice facility. Another surprised returning neighbors with a fabulous meal and wine left lovingly in their refrigerator after a three day journey through the wildfires in 2020.”

Mia explained how these types of kindnesses can help you and your neighbors be more resilient to daily stresses, “Ask yourself what impact it would have to reach out to a neighbor and support them in some way. Kindness is a winwin. It is good for your soul.”

In fact, these acts of generosity are built right into Mia and Tom’s Life Coaching principles. Mia’s program “Inner Resilience 10+, a Science Based Coaching Platform Restoring Your Inner Resilience,” speaks to ten ways to strengthen yourself from the inside-out. Showing care and compassion for your neighbor can help with most of these 10+ guiding principles.

We have heroes among us, neighbors helping neighbors. Good old fashioned generosity.

– Mia Lynott

The 10+ guiding principles outlined by Mia are as follows:

  1. Practice optimism
  2. Identify fears and anxieties
  3. Choose a role model
  4. Define a moral compass
  5. Develop self care habits
  6. Sharpen your brain/memory
  7. Find meaning in your life
  8. Expect life’s challenges
  9. Improve connections with friends and family
  10. Build your faith in a higher power

As we all know, It can be easy to feel isolated in contemporary life. Isolation can creep into anyone’s life. Whether it be distractions with technology, the physical isolation of a seemingly never-ending pandemic, the loss of a loved one, or simply the wind-down from the holiday season. However, the power of community can make a huge difference in shaping your and neighbor’s lives in feeling joy, humanity,
hope and love.

Mia and Tom Lynott’s mission to tap into the power and joy of connecting with their neighbors has opened new horizons for them and their peers. If you would like to unpack more information about the guiding principles of Mia and Tom’s life and practice please feel free to contact them at 760-685-4468.

They are committed to helping their clients clarify meaning in their life as “thinking partners” for life’s often difficult and often joyous journey.



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