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Feature Residents: The Sun City Artists

Your retirement years are the perfect time to learn something new or rekindle an old hobby – and when you can merge this passion with socializing, it’s even better!

Studies show that being socially active has extraordinary benefits including feeling happier, healthier, sharper, and less stressed. Want proof? Meet Donna, Careen, Joe, Carol, and Jenny, the “Sun City Artists.” They create art and learn together, and have built a strong friendship along the way.

Donna Taylor is from Northern California, and majored in Art at the College of Marin. She graduated from the Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design, which she credits as being highly influential. Donna’s design career included extravagant art commissions and teaching art. She moved to Sun City Palm Desert in 2017, and enjoys doing commission work for others who wish to have special memories captured on canvas – whether it’s portraits, pets, or landscapes.

Careen Moore was inspired by her grandmother, an early California pioneer who painted beautiful landscapes. While Careen’s career and family life weren’t art-related, her retirement years rekindled her creativity. “I loved art and nothing was going to stop me!” When she moved to Sun City over 20 years ago, she decided to embrace her dreams and immerse herself in art. She joined the Art Club and started lessons, and hasn’t looked back.

Joe Vera attended Art Center College of Design, then 50 years in graphic design before coming to the Desert from Redondo Beach in 2018. While he currently teaches oil painting, he spends his time in painting and photography, seeking out new concepts and imagery, as well as a continuing series of modern-day Lorelei paintings. To Joe, The Lorelei or Siren, serves as a metaphor: “Often, in our zeal to achieve riches and pleasures, we lose sight of the hazards before us. All that glitters is not gold”

Carol Borzello enjoyed drawing and painting as a child, but her mother signed her up for piano lessons instead. Unfortunately, as Carol says, “I’m not musical!” It wasn’t until her move to Sun City that she reunited with her earliest artistic passions. She was delighted to find wonderful mentors who were happy to share their time and abilities to help her grow as an artist. She fell in love with acrylic painting and has focused on that for the past seven years. “I hope to continue to grow and expand in my abilities as I paint with others and they share their accomplishments!”

Jenny Sanders started art lessons in kindergarten, but her creativity took her elsewhere. She studied fashion design in Taiwan, and continued her studies at California Design College in Los Angeles. She utilized her skills working for several companies and revisited art in the ‘90s. Jenny’s last teacher told her, “I have nothing left to teach you.” When she starts a new painting, Jenny asks herself how she can express the mood in a scene, and often loses track of time when immersed in the art. She believes a painting must reflect the soul of the artist.

Meet the Sun City Artists as they showcase their work at the “Old Town Artisan Studios” located at 78-046 Calle Barcelona, La Quinta. The wine and snack reception will be held October 21 from 5-7pm and their paintings will be on display from October 22-30 Monday through Friday from 10am – 5pm. This event will be accompanied by live piano music by Rick Rowen, who also plays the horn with the Coachella Valley Symphony and lives in Sun City

with his soulmate Marlene Roberts.

Taking a chance on a passion can be truly fulfilling, whether it’s hiking, golfing, bowling, traveling – or anything that sparks your interest. If there isn’t a Sun City club for your hobby, be a trailblazer and start one! Now is the perfect opportunity!



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