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Evolve your Golf Game

The game of golf has long evolved from the 15th century Scottish version where sheep kept the green nicely trimmed. Golf in today’s world is booming, especially in the Coachella Valley.

Many golfers’ biggest challenge is breaking 90 and shooting in the 80s consistently. This is a key milestone in establishing yourself as an above average golfer, but getting over that hurdle is a struggle that most amateur golfers are far too familiar with and is often frustrating for the average golfer. Here are three top strategies to move your game of golf to the next level.

1.Risk Management:
You can minimize big mistakes off the tee or approaching the green with some simple steps that don’t require fancy pro shots. Learn and experiment with different clubs (pro tip: it’s not always your driver at the teebox!) and target the green in general as opposed to hyper-focusing on the flag. This can provide consistency and prevent costly mistakes.

2. Strategize Bogey Shots:
On a par 72 course, 17 bogeys and a par will get you an 89. So before you find yourself in trouble, do not be afraid to hit strategic shots that put you in an ideal position to make bogey.

3. Practice Makes Perfect!
As if we need an excuse to golf more often! Plus, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to practice putting and it’s one of the areas you’ll notice the quickest improvement and biggest impact in your golfing technique and playing enjoyment!



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