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Enjoy the Holidays with Safe Rides by Gordon Belanger

Written by Gordon Belanger

Hi, my name is Gordon Belanger. I have been providing rides to the airports in this and surrounding areas for a year and a half. Before that I lived in north county San Diego and provided transportation for about five years. I’m very familiar with all the freeways, and the ins and outs to the airports. I have a fast track to get into special highways at no extra cost to you. My vehicle can accommodate up to 7 passengers and I can haul a lot of luggage. If I’m not available to do the ride, I have other resources that can.

I provide a fast, safe and economic way to get to all airports and ports. I have also done a few long trips where I’ve been asked to wait and return the same day. This can be very time-consuming and is still provided at a reasonable cost.
I want to wish everyone very happy holidays. I hope the big turkey lands in the middle of your dining room table, the holidays bring you joy, and the Lord brings you peace.

Remember this is a busy travel time, so the sooner you book your trip the better your chance of getting picked up. We do juggling (not jingling).
The best way to reach me is via TEXT to my cell phone 310-766-5796.



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