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Disaster Plan for Pets

Do you have a disaster plan for your pets? In these crazy times, we never know when disaster might strike. Earthquakes, fires, floods … or worse. Many of us have a “disaster plan” for our families, and it is important to include our furry family members too.

Besides supplies for human family members, remember that your pet will also have water and food needs. Pack extra water and some of your pet’s favorite food along with water and food bowls for them, and a can opener, or cans with self-opening tabs.
For pets on medication, store their medications and medical records in sealed containers along with your own and a first aid kit. If you have a cat, be sure to have a small litter box and litter, and include plenty of poop bags for waste.

Plus an extra leash, blankets and a pet carrier. Ensure that your pet is micro chipped with current information, and wearing an ID collar.

Have a printed current photo of you with your pet for identification, and ask your vet for calming medication or buy over the counter herbal remedies (Rescue Remedy by Bach is good) for anxious pets, and if your dogs has an aggressive tendency be sure to have a muzzle.

Since Hurricane Katrina, it is not legal to force people to evacuate without their pets, so know your rights. Keep a Pet First Aid book handy. We never want to think about potential disasters, but be prepared. I pray we never have to use this.

I wish you all peace, happiness and good health.

For more information reach out to Mara Brown,
Master Dog Behaviorist by calling 310-467-2334
or visit www.LifeCoachingForDogs.com

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