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Delany’s Antiques

In a society where so much is mass-produced, disposed of, and non-unique we can be stopped in our tracks by one-of-a-kind sturdy craftsmanship that has lasted for hundreds of years. Imagine a lifestyle where you could acquire hand-crafted furniture and decor with an intrinsic character that is long-lasting, worthy for generations, and may increase in value. Antiques are far beyond “old stuff” or “collector’s items” because they play an important role in our world as each item that has stood the test of time carries its own history, value, purpose and legacy. In essence, quality over quantity.

Walking into Delany’s Antiques, a pleasant chime from an old grandfather clock rings a warm welcome. No matter where you look there is a wide range of fine-art paintings, shining silver, regal lion statues, bronze sphinxes, sparkling crystal, model ships, a remarkable variety of Asian antiques, and so much more. “There are bits of everything, and there is something in here for everyone,” Delany’s Antique owner William Delany beams. His shop is more fascinating than most museums, as William and his decorator Tim, meticulously organize the display of all items.

William has been in the antiques business for over 54 years, starting out as an auctioneer in Ireland. After meeting his American wife, he immigrated to America and pursued his lifelong passion of curating and caring for the treasures he has acquired. Even after moving to the Desert 11 years ago to relax and retire, William could not handle the quiet retirement life for longer than three weeks. “It’s almost a sickness how much I love finding and caring for antiques!” William laughs.

Whether you’re looking for something special or you just want to marvel at the incredible treasures, there is something for everyone at Delany’s Antiques! Open Monday through Saturday from 10am-3pm and Sundays from 12pm-3pm. Feel welcome to visit and experience Delany’s Antiques located right off HWY 111 at
71572 HWY-111, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270.



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