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Del Webb an American Icon – A History of Sun City

Del Webb Retirement Innovator

Del Webb the first conceived of idea of Sun City. A single community of like-minded individuals living in one community. The he was a brilliant, innovative, visionary and risk taker. He invented the modern notion of a retirement community when he launched the first ever “Master Planned Community” of Sun City. This initial development is where Sun City Palm Desert and Sun City Shadow Hills get their name. The invention of a Master Planned Community launched Del Webb into the national spotlight and made him an American icon and a huge success. Del Webb had an interesting life including a history with baseball, a lurid history in Las Vegas, many famous friends, and a successful construction business. …See Full Story on the Jelmberg Team Blog 

A Brief History of Del Webb

Del Webb Historical Photo
Del Webb and American Icon

Del Webb’s inauspicious start began in early 1914 when his father’s construction business failed and he became a carpenter’s apprentice while he pursed a career as a baseball pitcher. Del’s dream of becoming a professional baseball player was cut short by a bout of Typhoid Fever. After recovering from his illness he moved to Phoenix where his career in construction quickly escalated into a 3 million dollar business. His success continued and he made powerful connections with Presidents and celebrities. This propelled Del’s business and social life beyond expectations. …See Full Story on the Jelmberg Team Blog 

Master Planner

This success and lead to more and more construction contracts. Del finally arrived at the idea for a Master Planned Community – sparked by a contract for a shopping center and housing complex in Arizona. This idea was a huge success. As a result of national advertising campaign, the opening of the original Sun City had approx. 100,000 attend the event. The success of the first community allowed for the development and spread of the idea and now Sun Cities across the Southwest.  In 2001 during the construction of Sun City Palm Desert Pulte homes purchased Del Webb. Soon after Pulte started construction on Sun City Shadow Hills.

The Jelmberg Team has researched the life of this amazing American icon. See the full article on the Jelmberg Team blog.




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