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Chevy chase says “Oh Judge, I Don’t Keep Score” – Here’s Why

“Putt more FUN in your game!” by Golf Basics Coach Tom Lynott

I don’t know too many golfers who haven’t watched the classic movie “Caddy Shack”
at least a dozen or more times. Ty Webb (Chevy Chase) was the best player at
Bushwood Country Club and everyone there knew it. However Ty wasn’t a serious
golfer even though he was very capable. He marched to a different drummer. In one of the movie’s funniest scenes, Judge Smails (Ted Knight), who is the club President,
asks Ty what his average score is at the course. Ty says, “Oh Judge, I don’t keep score.” The Judge says, “Now Ty, everyone knows you’re probably shooting a 68
or better, what is it Ty, um, um?”

That comment by Ty was responsible for launching a whole new group of new golfers who would play for fun, not score. It’s not against the rules unless you keep a “handicap index” which is used to “even the field” among different levels of golfers who may play against each other in tournaments or just on days when competitive golfers play for money or drinks at the end of the round. Fun golfers usually do keep score, sort of. Because everyone likes to know how they are doing, compared to their playing partners in the group, most FGs (Fun Golfers) count their strokes or hits of the ball. The difference is that FGs employ a “secret weapon” to keep having fun. They use what golfers call a “Mulligan” or sometimes it’s also called a “Breakfast Ball”. These are simply fancy names for dropping another golf ball on the grass and hitting a “do over” shot.

FGs consider “Mulligans” essential to maintaining FUN in golf. Their reasoning is simple. Hitting a golf ball straight towards your target is, well, VERY DIFFICULT..! Nobody wants to ruin their day by hitting balls into the water, the canyon, the sand, the bushes, and then having to face the humiliation of wading into the water, bushes, sliding down the canyon, etc. It may be dangerous and you could get stung, bitten, dirty clothes or all of the above! It definitely could turn your grin into a frown or worse! So forget that ball (unless it’s easily and safely found) and pick another one
out of your bag, and swing again. FGs don’t count that lost or horribly struck ball. It’s erased from memory immediately, (other than to observe it and let your brain determine why you may have hit it poorly), your hands maybe slipped?,
etc. (don’t judge yourself), and put your next ball in play. Have FUN!

P.S. When you’re ready to Putt more FUN in your game, give me a call! Tom Lynott, Golf Basics Coach – 619-955-0633



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