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Bob Hope Says, “Bingo-Bango-Bongo!”

“Putt more FUN in your game!” Golf series written by Tom Lynott, Golf Basics Coach – 619-955-0633.

Everyone in this area remembers Bob Hope and may even know where he lived and that he was an avid golfer. What they may not know is that he loved to play different golf games with his buddies. One of his favorite games was called Bingo-Bango-Bongo.

This game is fun because it allows everyone in the foursome to possibly win, even if they are not the most skilled of those playing that day.

It’s a game of points that can be earned from something other than who has the lowest number of strokes to get their ball in the hole.

Here is how it is played:

The first player in the group to get the ball on the green, gets
a point -“Bingo.”

The player whose ball is closest to the pin after all the balls are on the green, gets a point – “Bango.”

Finally, the first player to “hole out,” i.e. sink his putt, also gets a point – “Bongo.”
This is a great game because even the weaker player(s) only have to be first at something…especially when it comes to the “Bango.” Case in point, the stronger players are more likely to be on the green with their first or second shots, (or third shot on par 5s). After those shots that put them on the green “in regulation” they will most likely be 10 to 20 feet from the pin. (That’s also a tricky putt for a first putt birdie.) However, the weaker player might take several shots to even get on the green, with his final chip onto the green leaving him (or her) only a few feet from the pin, and therefore winning the point for “Bango.”

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