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Aging With Gusto

Written by Terri Banner-Fitzsimmons

During the past two weeks I have been in contact with some amazing people. People who have suffered severe physical as well as emotional issues. They are now thriving: some are writing books for the first time, others are writing poetry, painting and taking classes. It is invigorating being around them.

Now these people are not spring chickens. They range in age from their early sixties to their nineties. Our local magazines feature those in our community who are doing remarkable things with their lives and I feel so privileged being in their midst.
I make sure I contact them daily as they inspire me to do things with my life. I have discovered that I laugh more, I greet each day with a smile. My conversations consist of positive phrases and optimism. A few of my new friends are suffering with physical ailments, but they never discuss them unless they can help others deal with their own.

It is crucial that we rejoice in thriving. Keeping company with optimistic people is essential to our wellbeing. We need to keep telling our stories to inspire others out there who are not aware of the wonderful future that is in front us. Kudos to the magazines that honor our “thrivers!”

Terri Banner Fitzsimmons is an educator, author, counselor, and motivational speaker. She has a diversified background, ranging from teaching all grades, including special education and college classes.

Losing everything in the Campfire of 2018 was the catalyst for jump-starting her writing career, publishing books about her experience on the day of the fire: Phoenix rising from the ashes and Smoldering embers of Paradise. Her latest work, an historical novel, just published, is Best Friends – a compass and true north.



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