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Aging On Your Terms

Written by Shannon Shea, Elder Love USA founder

Many older adults feel that aging gracefully is easier said than done. Aging isn’t always an easy job, and there’s no time off for good behavior! However, you can take the bull by the horns and be in control of how you age, remaining healthy and happy throughout your life.

If you are worried about aging, stop focusing on the numbers in your life. Far too many people focus almost exclusively on what the scale, calendar and various other metrics say to them. This is why you have a doctor, so let him worry about this information while you focus on having more fun in your life.

Being open to new things is a good way to keep your brain busy. You will get wiser as you age but make sure you also gain knowledge. Try to learn something new every day. Consider watching a daily Ted Talk; they average about 15 minutes each and can be found at Ted.com. What you learn can also be great conversation starters.

Try to bring happiness wherever you go. Taking that sunny disposition and spreading it around makes the world a better place and makes you feel better as well. You can be altruistic without spending money and making others happy is a priceless gift that keeps on giving. Pay it forward.

Some of us cannot just sit back and hope to rely on good genes or some lucky breaks to help us as we get older. Aging can be very difficult for some people both mentally and physically. Staying healthy takes perseverance and work. You can’t stop the aging process, but you also don’t need to throw in the towel. Take proactive steps now to be as healthy as you can be as you grow older, wiser and more fun!

Shannon Shea is the founding executive director of Elder Love USA, Inc. She has her Master’s degree in gerontological social work and is pursuing her PhD in Gerontology (class of 2022). She can be reached at Sh*****@el**********.org

Donate and visit her non-profit thrift store at 72221 Hwy 111 in Palm Desert.



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