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Aging: Everyone is Doing It!

Aging: Everyone is doing it (at least the lucky ones!)

We may all complain about aging and all that goes with it: aches, pains, poor eyesight, wrinkles, weight gain, mood swings, losing loved ones, and more. But, since we are the lucky ones that get to stick around a little longer, here are some tips on how to have fun while aging.

Don’t focus on the numbers – particularly age and weight. There isn’t anything you can do about your age and unless your weight is significantly affecting your health – let it go.

Stay engaged in a social life. Visiting with friends, going to church, volunteering, even getting out amongst others has shown to increase lifespan. Keep learning – it’s never too late to learn a new dance move, craft, or skill.

Live your life as a journey that must be explored and truly cherished. Stop and reflect each time you reach a milestone in your life. Celebrate it like you did when you were a child. Have fun!

Now that you have achieved this stage in life, you have more freedom and knowledge to engage in what you like. Think of new and interesting ways to enjoy life, and be sure to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, living life to the fullest. There are endless ways to make your retirement years enjoyable and fruitful. It is important to keep your mind and body as healthy as you can to ensure that you are able to have as enjoyable a life as possible. You can enjoy the rest of your life by doing things that keep you interested and active.

Shannon Shea is the founding executive director of Elder Love USA, Inc. She has her Master’s degree in gerontological social work and is pursuing her PhD in Gerontology (class of 2022). She can be reached at Shannon@elderloveusa.org Donate and visit her non-profit thrift store at 72221 Hwy 111 in Palm Desert.



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