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4 Tips for Success on the Putting Green

1) Look low
Most greens are created with a high side and a low side. This is to help with drainage, and it can also be an aid for you. Instead of just looking at the line of your putt, look towards the low points. That’s where putts will most often break. Because it’s harder to see the line from the higher side of the putt, make your reads from the lower side.
2) Aim high with your putt
Now that you’ve looked low, aim high. Because most putts are missed on the lower side of the hole, try giving yourself more room on the higher side. Most golfers don’t play enough break, so this tip can give you an advantage.
3) When in doubt, aim for speed
When it comes to long distances of 20 feet or more, speed is a better indicator of your putting success than the quality of your read. You can help limit three putts by aiming for a five-foot radius around the hole.
4) Get your mindset right
Improving your putting is less about perfection, and more about confidence. One great way to stronger putting confidence is to develop a repeatable routine. Once you find something that works for you, create a process around it so you can relax and not second-guess yourself before each putt. Practice your routine as often as you can, and think positively!



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