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3 Handy iPhone Tips for Seniors

Many seniors are discovering that iPhones offer many options for accessibility, and are customizable for their unique needs. Here are 3 handy iPhone tips for seniors using built-in features.

Turn on accessibility features

Older cellphones were quite limited in their features, but iPhones offer accessibility options ideal for seniors with sensory considerations. Navigate to the Settings >Accessibility menu for the following accessibility features:

  • Vision – Here you can find options for voice-over text, text size and boldness, increased contrast, audio descriptions, motion reduction, and more.
  • Physical and Motor – Some seniors find using the touch screen challenging, and this menu offers options to help make it easier.
  • Hearing – Some things you can find here are hearing device compatibility, captions and subtitles, textphone options, and recognition of certain ambient sounds.   

In the Accessibility menu, you can also customize Siri and set shortcuts for features you’ll use the most.

Magnify text and change colors

One feature in the Accessibility menu that’s especially useful for seniors is the Magnifier app, which works with your iPhone’s camera. Zoom, turn on the camera’s light, and change contrast, color filters, and brightness. This can come in handy if you’re having difficulty reading fine print, or if the room is too bright or too dark for you to make something out.

Utilize the Reminders app

Your iPhone’s Reminders app can help you keep on track with appointments and scheduling. You can create reminders by typing or asking Siri, assign tasks, and take advantage of suggested reminders. You can also turn on Location Services to help you remember things based on location. For example, if your granddaughter wanted to show you something the next time you visited, you can get a reminder when you get close to her house.



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